Jenő István Kovács


The artist is represented by
Agora Gallery New York

1982 He has been living in Tata since
1980 Free-lance artist
1970-80 Worked for the Hungarian advertising company „Magyar Hirdeto“
1979 Completed the exam of window dressing
1963-69 Worked as an artist of applied graphics
1960 Completed his studies at the Secondary Grammar School of Fine- and Applied Arts in Budapest
1942 He was born in Budapest

1992-93-94 Organizer and manager of the International Art Workshops in Tata
1993 Founder and chairman of Art Tata Foundation
Organizer of the 2nd International Res Artist Conference
Manager of Color Art Publishing Company
His works can be seen in public collections and public buildings both in Hungary and abroad.


2000 Computer Panorama Award
1989 Scholarship of Art granted by the Soros Foundation
1971-73 Award for the Year`s Publication
1973 Prize for Excellence awarded by the municipality of Oroszlany


2017 Scholarship of Arts, Obras, Portugal
2016 Scholarship of Arts, Chapala Mexico
2008 Scholarship of Arts, Obras, Portugal
2001 Scholarship of Arts, Vila Real, Portugal
1997 BINZ Scholarship, Scoul, Switzerland
1995 Scholarship of Arts, St. Pere de Villamajor, Spain

Joint exhibitions of main importance

2022. ANIMA MUNDI Venice
2022 Agora Gallery New York
2021 Remember Joseph Beuys
2020 Sprin Art Exhibition Tatabánya
2016 Cincinnati / Dada Lives /
2012 International Web Illustration
2007 Estremos, Portugal
2007 Rathaus Gallery, Gerlingen, Germany
2003 Alkmaar, The Netherlands
2000 Millennium Exhibition, Tata castle, Tata
1999 Town Hall, Gerlingen, Germany
1998 Kleiner Prinz Gallery, Baden Baden, Germany
1997 International Exhibition of Twin Towns, Tata castle, Tata
1996 Holl Gallery, Kassel, Germany
1994 Dame Mary Le Liz, France
1992 Krefeld, Germany
1991 , Vigado Gallery, Budapest
1989 Town Library, Oroszlany
1988 Spring Art Exhibition, Tata castle, Tata
1987 Csontvary Gallery, Budapest Vigado Gallery, Budapest
1986 Spring Art Exhibition, Esztergom
1985 North Trans-Danubian Art Exhibition, Szombathely Applied Arts Exhibition, Kernstock Gallery
1984 North Trans-Danubian Spring Art Exhibition, Tata castle, Tata
1983 North Trans-Danubian Spring Art Exhibition, Tata castle
1982 North Trans-Danubian Art Exhibition, Szombathely
1981 North Trans-Danubian Spring Art Exhibition, Tata castle
1980 6th Wall-and 3D Textile Biennale, Szombathely

Individual exhibitions

2013 Berlin Kalligraph Gallery
2008 Obra, Portugal
2008 Decker Gallery, Budapest
2007 Fish Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
2004 Galerij Cultureel Centrum de Vest, Alkmaar, The Netherlands
1999 Rathaus Gallery, Gerlingen, Germany
1998 Baden Baden Kleiner Prinz Gallery
1998 Weslin Ptc., Oroszlany
1997 Stiftung Binz, Scoul, Switzerland
1992 Galerij Cultureel Centrum de Vest, Alkmaar, The Netherlands
1988 Rathaus Gallery, Gerlingen, Germany
1987 Community Centre, Tata
1982 Community Centre, Tata
1981 Kernstock Gallery, Tatabanya
1975 Hungarian advertising company “Magyar Hirdeto”


2008 Series of marble pictures CEVALOR, Obra, Portugal
2000 Dructuell printing house, Gerlingen /Germany/ picture 600x400 cm
1998 “The seventh day” picture /owned by the Weslin Group, Canada/
1989 “Diving” series of pictures I.-II. /owned by the municipality of Gerlingen/
1989 “Seasons” series of pictures I.-IV. /owned by the municipality of Ludvigsburg/
1989 Series of sand pictures /owned by the Municipality of Alkmaar/
1986 Mural, Hotel Beke, Komarom “Treffen” French tapestry, woolen, 160 x 700 cm, Germany, Stuttgart, wedding lounge /joint artwork with Katalin Nagy/
1984 Pictures in the post office, Komarom
1982 “Schon und Wieder” mini textile artwork, mixed technique, platen, wool, 20 x 20 cm joint artwork with textile/tapestry artist Katalin Nagy/ owned by Ministry of Education